Home to 75% of the world’s mining companies, Canada has a well-earned reputation as a global mining leader focused on innovation, good governance, and environmental and social responsibility standards.

The rapid pace of the energy transition is creating an unprecedented demand for copper, nickel, cobalt, lithium and several rare earth metals. The mining and extractive sector is adapting to this demand by expanding operations, engaging in circular economies, or bringing new projects online. However, while the resources sector is under pressure to increase the rate of current mine production and embark on new projects, social and environmental scrutiny is greater than ever before. Mining operators must address land access, community impacts, water management, climate change and move to a net-zero, low-carbon future, all as part of responsible practice. This highlights the need for responsible and sustainable sourcing of these materials to ensure a fair and equitable balance between meeting the demands of the energy transition and protecting the environment and communities. Establishing a reputation as a responsible corporate citizen has never been more important within the mining sector.

How we assist

From the early phases of building a business case and understanding the feasibility of projects, we help clients identify environmental and social constraints and opportunities as well as to establish approval strategies and pathways. We collaborate closely with our clients, providing support throughout the entire mining process, from initial exploration and feasibility studies to developing closure plans that account for the rising demand from local communities and regulators to create a positive and enduring legacy after the mine has ceased operations.

 We help our clients to:
  • Develop an approvals strategy and facilitate government liaison
  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement activities
  • Prepare environmental and social impact assessments and development applications
  • Coordinate environmental management strategies and deliver post approvals support
  • Mine surface and groundwater water management
  • Technical assessments in the fields of hydrogeology, hydrology, acoustics, air quality, cultural heritage, ecology, geochemistry, contaminated land management, soils, rehabilitation, and mine closure
  • Sustainability and ESG framework development and reporting
  • Provide ongoing support during construction, operations, and closure project phases.
  • Metals (including but not limited to gold, copper, lead, nickel and cobalt, silver, and zinc)
  • Coal (coking and metallurgical)
  • Iron ore (hematite, magnetite, and pisolitic ironstone)
  • Critical minerals (including but not limited to lithium, zirconium, uranium, aluminum, graphite and vanadium and rare earths such as neodymium and praseodymium)              

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Overall working with EMM is seamless. EMM's team has a good understanding of Centennial's projects and can hit the floor running to meet tight timeframes and address issues as they arise whilst ensuring deliverables meet expectations at competitive costs. The scoping report was issued on time and on budget. Feedback was addressed quickly, and the document finalized for submission.

- Centennial


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