We recognise that time at work is only one of many things of importance to you

Life@EMM is designed to help you balance your life, manage your priorities and grow both personally and professionally. We provide a diverse range of opportunities for connection and participation and it is part of our DNA to recognise, value and reward our team for the role they play in making us the company we are today and the impact they have on shaping the company we will be into the future.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the ideal employee experience and therefore, we provide a broad range of options to allow benefits to be tailored to your lifestyle. Our baseline is focused on ensuring you are building skills and gathering experiences that are setting you up for a rewarding work life. Beyond those foundations, our people tailor their investment in their Life@EMM to their greatest interests and needs and this can include health and wellbeing initiatives, technical/professional growth, genuine flexibility, and an inclusive social culture.



Meaningful Work Header 

Our focus on meaningful work allows our team to think outside the box, learn new skills, collaborate with teams across the globe and use existing capabilities and experience in different ways. We also encourage our team to consider ways of contributing which have a positive and lasting difference to enhance not only our people and business, but our community now and into the future.


Sense of Belonging Header

We are focused on creating opportunities for our team to connect and celebrate with one another. As a diverse and inclusive workforce, creating space and platforms to develop a sense of belonging is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing and we encourage the importance of developing communities through social events, team-building activities, awareness initiatives and peer-to-peer acknowledgement and recognition programs.

We are committed to encouraging courageous conversations as a pathway to respecting the unique perspectives and experiences.  Our employees lead this.

Your Growth 

Your growth doesn’t only happen within the confines of a workplace. We encourage the team to take on new challenges and to stretch their skills and gain new experiences that will travel with them beyond Life@EMM. This helps to develop resilience, adaptability, and a growth mindset. Building skills for life could see you participating within our health and wellbeing programs and initiatives or leading a lecture at a local University.     

Nurture Careers Header

People join EMM with buckets full of technical strengths, and we know they want to leverage what we have and build more strengths along the way. From our beginnings, we have formed a human-centered workplace to nurture your career and we encourage our team to acknowledge their own excitement, passions and vulnerabilities. We provide career paths and growth opportunities to help our team acquire new skills, knowledge and experience which can be explored through professional memberships, event attendance or internal network programs and platforms.

Our Support Header

Flex@EMM empowers our teams to find their personal and professional groove by developing work rhythms that support them to thrive. Our flexible work arrangements include options for when, where and how your work gets done. We have abandoned nine-to-five hours, provide opportunities for hybrid working and have a ‘family first’ approach to life leave.

Life can throw us curve balls, big and small, and our support options have been designed to consider flexibility, family and financial wellness and compassion.