Graduate Program

It is a key moment in life making the step change from student to career professional

A time to explore and experiment, to listen and absorb, to ask loads of questions, to make mistakes, to learn about feedback and to offer loads of new views. It can feel exciting and unknown. We will help you sit with and feel all those feelings.

We will create a safe place for you to develop your path, we will stretch and challenge you and we will support you. Our most senior people, generously share their knowledge and invest in our graduates and are equally excited to learn knowledge and new skills from our graduates. That combination of perspectives is a core aspect of the difference at EMM.

In 2010, the foundations of EMM were built on the principle of delivering solutions to environmental problems through the collective talent of our people. As we grew, we had a dream of nurturing and growing exceptional talent for our industry. Providing career paths that invested in awesome people at every stage of their career. 

We aspire to create an environment that encourages the growth of graduates, allowing them to express their views and have a voice without feeling the need to wait for later in their career, or until they have gained significant experience. Our Graduate program embodies this philosophy, and we take pride in building it on this foundation.

Empowering early career professionals through our
2-year program

Our Graduate Program focuses on developing confidence and building life and consulting skills that enable early career professionals to progressively construct a career journey that aligns to interests and strengths. With EMM you will have the opportunity to become consultants who offer advice that is centered on demonstrating respect, integrity and humility with each other, with our clients and in the communities in which we work. This how our advice will solve their most important problems. This is how we have impact.

You are the future of the environmental consulting industry. You are the leaders of tomorrow. We’d love to help you start that journey.

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My career journey with EMM

“Starting my career with EMM has been incredible. I’ve worked on a diversity of interesting projects that align with my own values, all while being supported by my team leaders and colleagues. Our value of respect means that I am able to learn from mentors that are experts in their field and enthusiastic to share their knowledge has definitely been a highlight! At EMM you’re surrounded by people who are truly passionate about helping others and protecting the environment.”

- Audrey Woo, Graduate Hydrogeologist (Vancouver)