PanAust Sustainability Report Project

EMM is assisting PanAust to deliver their sustainability report in line with GRI standards and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

PanAust Limited | Papua New Guinea, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand

Project overview
PanAust is an international operation with the Ban Houayxai Gold-Silver and Phu Kham Copper-Gold operations in Laos, its PNG Freida River Project, and other opportunities in Laos, Myanmar and Chile. PanAust also operates Phu Bia Mining Logistics which manages the company's employee transport, concentrate haulage, and in-bound freight and consumables in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. PanAust has been publishing annual business review and sustainability reports in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards since 2017.
Our involvement
Since 2021, EMM have been working with PanAust to rationalise its GRI reporting effort to focus on PanAust's material issues as required by the GRI standards. EMM continues to assist PanAust to prepare its annual Report for publication. Key tasks in preparing the annual Business Review and Sustainability Report for PanAust include the collation and analysis of data required for case studies, drafting the report and reporting to GRI standards, and the management of assurance of GRI and UN Sustainable Development Goals data for non-financial metrics in consultation with Materiality Counts.
Technical solutions
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