We couple invaluable knowledge and experience with the latest sophisticated analysis techniques to provide our clients with the information they need to make well informed decisions

Groundwater is the largest source of accessible freshwater on the planet. As population grows and demands for resources, food and energy increases, there are greater occurrences of projects and activities interacting with groundwater. As such the demand for groundwater environmental services has also increased, with our clients looking for practical and clear advice on how to minimise the impacts of their activities on groundwater resources and dependent assets.

How we assist

Our team are passionate about the sustainable management of groundwater throughout the entire life cycle of a project. We have a large, international team of experienced and well recognised groundwater specialists that partner with our clients to deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions. We can help you by investigating and problem solving across the full spectrum of groundwater science, including hydrogeological characterisation, groundwater impact assessments, developing and implementing monitoring systems, advising on water policy and licensing requirements, groundwater modelling including sophisticated uncertainty analysis, and hydrogeochemistry.

Our services:
  • Groundwater field investigations and aquifier testing
  • Hydrogeological characterisation
  • Water supply assessments
  • Aquifer injection (managed aquifer recharge)
  • Dewatering and depressurisation assessments
  • Monitoring design, installation and sampling (including remote monitoring systems)
  • Sustainable yields assessment
  • Groundwater impact assessments
  • Groundwater data analytics and machine learning
  • Expert witness and review services (including groundwater model reviews)
  • Hydrogeochemical assessments
  • Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem (GDE) characterisation and assessment
  • Characterisation of surface water-groundwater interaction
  • Monitoring and management plans
  • Numerical groundwater modelling
  • Site water balance modelling
  • Unsaturated modelling

Our well respected team of groundwater specialists are recognised for their experience, knowledge and innovation.

Our team bring a unique blend of consulting, government, and industry experience. For our clients, this means we effectively facilitate engagement at all levels and provide detailed technical insights through clear communication of both the science and potential risks. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to deliver practical advice and solutions to help steer them through their groundwater challenges.   


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