Geochemistry is a discipline that focuses on the chemical makeup and behavior of the Earth’s near surface features

It is a critical tool used to evaluate the impact of human activities on the natural environment. Geochemistry uses the tools and principles of chemistry to explain geological and hydrological phenomena and is often paired with other geoscience disciplines to reduce or mitigate impacts associated with construction, mining, or waste storage.

As regulatory agencies and the public demand increasingly strict measures for projects, the field of geochemistry is rapidly expanding to meet evolving requirements. This includes pre-start risk identification and mitigation planning, as well as progressive rehabilitation and closure planning.

Geochemistry offers valuable insights to mining, construction, and energy companies, helping to reduce risks on projects by improving site characterisation, waste management, and closure strategies.

How we assist

In addition to our comprehensive suite of standard geochemistry services, our experienced team of geochemistry specialists are equipped to provide valuable insights that can de-risk your project.

Our services:
  • Geochemical characterisation (solids and water, static and kinetic testing programs)
  • (Hydro)geochemical modelling (water balance and water quality predictive modelling, including geochemical source terms, reactive-transport (or similar) modelling, pit/TSF modelling, treatment and more)
  • Field programs (sample acquisition, drilling supervision, core logging, bagging and lab coordination/liaison)
  • Baseline studies and environmental impact assessments
  • Contaminated land assessments
  • Acid sulfate soils assessments
  • Geochemistry lead for mine planning, operational projects or mine closure (advisory role)
  • Subject matter expert or expert witness
  • Technical review or third-party review (due diligence, or review)
  • Technical panel, review board or similar 
  • Acid base accounting
  • Acid Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) assessments
  • Waste rock characterisation
  • Geochemical modelling


Our team has extensive global experience across a wide range of sectors, including mining and mineral extraction, infrastructure, energy, and waste management.

Our specialist team offers advanced commercial and technical capability to support mine and closure planning, including impact assessment, mitigation and contingency planning, capital expenditure deferment, and geochemical and environmental asset identification and harnessing.


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