Managing water resources in a changing climate

Water resources globally are increasingly vulnerable due to sustained drought and flooding brought about through climate change, and increased demand from agriculture, industry, residential development and supporting infrastructure. It is vital to understand the factors influencing supply and the increasingly stringent environmental policies and legislation that are in place to improve the efficiency of water use for the environment, communities and the economy globally. 

The use of innovative technologies, data, and information systems can also help to effectively manage water resources. By working together, we can ensure that the world's water resources are protected and sustainably managed for the benefit of the environment, communities, and the economy.

How we assist

Our integrated team of strategic advisors, technical specialists and environmental planners support industry and Government globally with their water resources challenges, extending from the development of water policy and regulation to advising and leading environmental planning and assessments for major and critical water infrastructure projects.

Our expertise and success in water resource management and water infrastructure is underpinned by our strong relationship with Government, regulatory bodies and globally recognised associations. Our deep expertise in this space has been applied to water security solutions to drought and flooding, coastal resilience and renewable energy production to support environmentally sustainable economic growth.

 We help our clients with:
  • Water policy and regulatory advice
  • Water supply security and resilience
  • Water source vulnerability assessments
  • Integrated watershed management
  • Water stewardship
  • Dams
  • Water Resources
  • Water policy, regulation and strategic advisory
  • Catchment and water supply risk management
  • Water stewardship
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Excellent work by EMM's project team - exceeded expectations and nice value-adds above the project scope.

- NSW DPE Water


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