A day in the life of a Graduate Hydrogeologist

A day in the life of Graduate Hydrogeologist Audrey Woo

Since graduating from McGill University with a Master of Science in 2022, Audrey Woo has been working with us as a Hydrogeologist on numerous large-scale projects for clients across the Mining, Energy and Water markets in Canada.

Audrey shares her insights on a typical day as a Hydrogeologist and what drew her to the industry.

Describe the work you undertake in your chosen field

Hydrogeology is a field of earth science that deals with the study of groundwater, its behaviour, distribution, and quality. As a hydrogeologist I use principles from geology, hydrology, chemistry, physics, and engineering to understand how groundwater moves and interacts with the environment. I work with a team to provide technical advice on groundwater-related issues, including advice on regulatory compliance, groundwater monitoring, risk assessment models, and strategies for managing groundwater resources.

What drew you to your career?

I grew up exploring the mountains and beaches of British Columbia and southern California, so a lot of my childhood was spent on the water and collecting rocks. When I was in university I took an introductory hydrogeology course and was immediately hooked. I loved the combination of geology, water resources, and chemistry in the context of environmental work and decided to pursue a graduate degree studying permafrost and groundwater modeling. I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and wanted to be a scientist that had a direct impact on the environment and community. Hydrogeology is a great fit for me because it involves addressing important environmental and societal issues related to water resources.

What is a typical day for you?

As a Graduate Hydrogeologist, my days are filled with exciting challenges and rewarding experiences. Every day is different, but a typical day includes data processing and statistical analysis, preparing technical reports, and developing groundwater/ water quality models using software such as MODFLOW and GoldSim. As a Graduate Hydrogeologist, I work closely with senior hydrogeologists and environmental specialists on a wide variety of projects for clients in Canada and Australia.

What is the best thing about your job?

There are so many interesting areas of study when it comes to hydrogeology and geology, and so many new areas of research. The work is very collaborative and each project has its own set of challenges that require innovative solutions. I love using creativity and technical expertise to solve complex problems for our clients. Knowing that my work provides value to the communities I work in is highly fulfilling and I take pride in helping manage and protect groundwater resources.


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